Our leadership team

Interim President Mr. Marco Terlevic
Vice President, Patient Services &
Chief Nursing Executive
Ms. Angela Stanley
Vice President, Corporate Services and
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Marco Terlevic
Vice President, Quality, People and Performance Ms. Sherri Ferguson
Vice President, Medical Affairs Dr. Eric Hentschel
Chief of Staff Dr. Peter Potts
VP and Chief Information Officer Mr. Gary Higgs


A Member of the St. Joseph’s Health System

St. Mary’s is proud to be a member of the St. Joseph’s Health System, one of the largest corporations in Canada devoted to health care, which was founded in the healing mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton in 1991. The System consists of six member organizations, each of which offers services according to areas of strength – from acute care, long-term care and community care, to rehabilitation, hospice, community outreach and mental health. St. Mary’s is one of two acute care providers within the system.