St. Mary’s Operational Goals

Operational Goals/Targets for 2015/16

Operational Targets 2015-16 REVISED

How will we work towards these goals/targets in the year ahead?

  • Senior team members each sponsor a different goal and their teams have developed improvement plans. There is constant collaboration between frontline staff, managers and the senior team on the appropriate strategies to be used.
  • We continue to rigorously apply Lean thinking, tools and methodologies to develop our plans, monitor our progress and adjust our strategies as we move forward.

Operational Goals for 2014/15

St. Mary’s is focused on being “The Safest And Most Effective Hospital In Canada” for patients and staff, and our 2014-15 Operational Goals and Targets support this Vision. Watch the video below to learn more about St. Mary’s Operational Goals, or scroll down on this page to read more.