St. Mary’s General Hospital’s purchasing department is responsible for the management of the Hospital’s procurement process, including the acquisition, distribution, control and disposal of goods, services and equipment necessary to support the activities of the hospital.

  • Purchasing staff strive to obtain the right goods and services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, under the guidance of the following principles:
  • Accountability – We will be accountable for the results of our procurement decisions and the appropriateness of the processes.
  • Transparency – We will be transparent to all stakeholders. Wherever possible, stakeholders will have equal access to information on procurement opportunities, processes and results.
  • Value for Money – We will maximize the value we receive from the use of public funds. A value-for-money approach aims to deliver goods and services at the optimum total lifecycle cost.
  • Quality Service Delivery – We will ensure staff receive the right product, at the right time, in the right place.
  • Process Standardization – We will standardize processes, remove inefficiencies and create a level playing field.

The purchasing department will:

  • Work in collaboration with hospital departments to determine source of supply, quantities purchased, delivery schedule and price;
  • Administer requests for quotations, proposals, tenders, negotiations and contract awards;
  • Develop specifications with user departments as well as arrange for the evaluation of supplies, equipment and services from suppliers;
  • Research the marketplace for new products and vendors; and
  • Ensure purchasing transactions are completed correctly, efficiently and inexpensively.

For information on current tenders at St. Mary’s contact
Marco Terlevic, Manager
Finance & Purchasing
519-749-6578 ext. 6431

Contacts in the Purchasing Department
Kathy Inglis
519-749-6578 ext. 6408

Cathy McKersie
519-749-6578 ext. 6407

Cynthia Ross
519-749-6578, ext. 6409

Here is a link to the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive.