Counselling Service – Confidentiality Policy

When you come to this service, what you and the worker talk about is private and confidential to this agency. The worker cannot, and will not, freely share any information about you to others outside this agency. This means that only with your written permission could St. Mary’s Counselling Service release information about you to anyone else. There are exceptions, required by law, where information may be given out without your consent. These include:

  • Cases of suspected or reported child abuse or neglect will be reported to Family and Children’s Services.
  • When a client shares information regarding serious harm to self (suicide) or to someone else (homicide).
  • A subpoena or summons is served by the courts.
  • When a person arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs and insists on driving, the police will be notified if alternate arrangements are refused.
  • A medical emergency.