Counselling Service – Substance Use Program

Comprehensive assessment and group counselling

Assessment and group counselling are offered for anyone experiencing problems regarding their use of alcohol or drugs, including prescription medication misuse. Topics covered include: education on substance use effects and harmful levels and developing awareness of one’s own substance use, learning coping strategies to cut back and/or abstain from alcohol or drugs, identifying triggers leading to relapse, and making lifestyle changes. Counsellors assist individuals to choose and achieve their goals, which may include community supports, individual and group counselling, or referrals to residential treatment programs. Family members or friends concerned about someone else’s use of alcohol or drugs, can obtain information and support by phone, individual consultation, or group counselling. Substance use services are offered in Kitchener and Cambridge offices.

What is substance use/abuse?

Substance use falls on a continuum regarding the amount, frequency, pattern, and the duration of use over time. It can range from experimental, recreational or moderate use, occasional excessive use, or habitual use. Repeated substance use can affect all areas of life functioning leading to disruptions at school, work, home, relationships and health.

If you need help, call

St. Mary’s Counselling Service Telephone: 519-745-2585 ext. 232
Help for alcohol and drug withdrawal is available at Withdrawal Management Centre (Detox) at Grand River Hospital
Telephone: 519-749-4300 ext. 2623