Renal Scan

A renal scan is a nuclear medicine examination done to study the function and blood flow to the kidneys. The test will check how well the kidneys are working by watching the kidneys fill and empty into the bladder. Some patients will have medications that help to assess the kidneys (Lasix or Captopril) injected prior to or during their procedure.

Test Preparation

  • Drink plenty of fluids the day of the procedure
  • You may need to be off certain medications prior to this procedure. Please check with your physician.

Exam Procedure

You will have an intravenous line (IV) inserted into a vein in your arm. Radioactive tracers will be injected through the IV and images of your kidneys will be taken during the injection. The injection and imaging will take one hour to complete. Blood will be drawn one and three hours after the initial injection. You may eat and drink between the blood sample times. The blood samples allow us to perform a calculation of kidney function.