St. Mary’s still going strong at 90 years old

October 23rd, 2014

St. Mary’s celebrated its 90th Anniversary on October 21, 2014 by inviting staff, members of the public and local media to take a look back at our proud history. St. Mary’s was built by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton in 1924 on land that was then on the outskirts of town. The Sisters legacy of compassionate care lives on, as well as the strong community support that rallied 100,000 names on a petition when St. Mary’s was threatened with closure in the 1990s. That support has helped St. Mary’s rise from the threat of closure to a thriving centre of excellence for respiratory and cardiac care and a leader in performance improvement using Lean management, with a continued focus on becoming the safest and most effective hospital in Canada.

Click on the links below for media coverage of our 90th anniversary.

The anniversary attracted a flurry of more than 55 tweets and retweets on Twitter.  If you have a Twitter account, the St. Mary’s Twitter handle is @StMarysGenHosp.