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COVID-19 Outbreak Declared on 400

COVID-19 Outbreak Declared on 400

March 18, 2023

Today, we are unfortunately declaring an outbreak of COVID-19 on our 400 Medicine Unit, detected through point prevalence testing. The anticipated outbreak end date is March 28, 2023.

There are 6 patient cases associated with this outbreak. Our thoughts are with our patients and as always, we wish them a safe and speedy recovery.


Immediate Actions:

    • Admissions are restricted unless COVID-19 positive or resolved, or as directed by IPAC.
    • Care Partner visits on these units are suspended, except in exceptional circumstances. Efforts will continue to be made to connect patients with Care Partners by phone or virtually. Patient Experience will assist in notifying patients’ Care Partners on these units
    • Droplet contact precautions are in effect throughout the unit.

We will share updates as we can. Outbreaks are challenging for everyone. We are grateful for everything that you continue to do to keep everyone safe.


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