St. Mary’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2019

Continuing the Legacy of Compassionate Care

St. Mary’s General Hospital has implemented a Strategic Plan for 2017-2019, which aligns with the hospital’s vision to be the safest and most effective hospital in Canada, characterized by innovation, compassion and respect.

The three priorities in the Strategic Plan are to:

Continue to deliver clinical excellence

As St. Mary’s continues to deliver clinical excellence we will work to establish a new Hospital Information System (HIS) by:

  • Establishing a contract
  • Initiating and building an HIS team at SMGH
  • Designing and building systems with Grand River Hospital
  • Implementing a new Hospital Information System

Transform the way we work

As we continue to transform the way we work we will:

  • Implement a leadership development program and accountability framework
  • Offer Lean training to physicians
  • Complete Lean Management System training for remaining departments/units
  • Implement rolling financial forecasts to promote proactive planning
  • Implement a leadership development program for supervisors and leads
  • Develop tools and processes to help recruit Lean thinkers

Reach beyond our walls

As we continue to reach beyond our walls we will:

  • Extend the Integrated Comprehensive Care Program (ICC) to other patient populations at St. Mary’s
  • Assist other hospitals to implement ICC in the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network
  • Determine how the funding bundle will be calculated, spread and managed

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