Clinical Ethics Service

In keeping with St. Mary’s General Hospital’s belief in the sacredness of life and the dignity of all people, St. Mary’s offers a Clinical Ethics Service. This service supports improved patient care by assisting patients, family members and healthcare practitioners to resolve complex ethical issues.

The Clinical Ethics Service also provides education sessions for staff, physicians, and volunteers, participates in multi-disciplinary rounds, and provides consultation on policy development.

A Clinical Ethics Consultation Service is also available for medical and non-medical hospital staff, physicians, volunteers, students, patients, and families.

Ethics Consultation

  • A small multidisciplinary team will guide you and relevant members of the treatment team through the ethical considerations of your problem by helping you to ensure that you have considered all the ethical values at risk.
  • The ECS will not provide you with the answer to your problem. The ECS does not have authority to make decisions. It is consultative, educational and advisory only.
  • When a request is received, the coordinator reviews the case with the person making the request to assess how the consultation might help. The coordinator will inform appropriate members of the team about the issue. Pertinent information will be collected and a time and place set for the meeting.

Contact Information

Jamie Robertson

Clinical Ethicist, Centre for Clinical Ethics
Mobile: 437-248-3684

On call pager (for after hours): 

416-864-5070 pager ID# 4211

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Kathleen Demers, Director
Medicine, Chest and Professional Practice
St. Mary’s General Hospital
519-749 -6578 ext. 1999

Ethics Committee & Resources

St. Mary’s has an Ethics Committee, which encourages and supports the integration of clinical ethics within St. Mary’s. Click here to read more about the committee.

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