St. Mary’s General Hospital laboratory services ensure the accuracy and timely turnaround of all lab tests from the St. Mary’s lab and from our reference labs including Grand River Hospital. Our laboratory performs approximately 1.7 million lab tests a year and operates 24/7.

Please note that we only provide testing for registered inpatients and existing registered outpatients of hospital programs. Non-registered outpatients testing takes place in the community. Please contact your doctor’s office for the locations of these blood and specimen collection centres.

For registered hospital patients, lab specimen procurement or phlebotomy (blood sample collection) comes to you in whatever part of the hospital you are receiving care.

The laboratory itself, and the highly skilled Medical Laboratory Technologists, phlebotomy and administration staff, are located on the 9th floor.

You can read our Mission and Accreditation on our website.

St. Mary’s Laboratory Services

Phlebotomy and specimen processing

  • Collects blood
  • Receives and prepares all sample types for testing
  • The public ‘face’ of the lab

Blood bank

  • Transfusion testing
  • Issuing blood products for transfusion

Haematology & coagulation

  • Cell counts and examination in blood and body fluid
  • Tests to evaluate bleeding disorders or the effects of ‘blood thinners‘

Clinical chemistry and urinalysis

  • Tests of various chemicals dissolved in plasma – the liquid part of blood in which the cells float


  •  Glucose (diabetes)
  • ”Good‘and ”bad‘cholesterol
  • Enzymes produced by damaged organ tissue (e.g., during a heart attack)
  • Drug screens and drug levels
  • Pregnancy tests
  • MANY more

Point-of-care testing (POCT)

  • Accreditation requires that POCT or ‘near-patient testing‘ be administered by laboratory professionals
  • Our POC staff work hard to ensure that no matter where your lab tests are performed that they are correct

Frozen sections

  • Mid-surgery processing and examination of tissue removed


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