St. Mary’s Laboratory Services

Phlebotomy and specimen processing

  • Collects blood
  • Receives and prepares all sample types for testing
  • The public ‘face’ of the lab
This image shows the hand of someone inserting a needle into the arm of the patient.

Blood bank

  • Transfusion testing
  • Issuing blood products for transfusion

 Haematology  & coagulation

  • Cell counts and examination in blood and body fluid
  • Tests to evaluate bleeding disorders or the effects of ‘blood thinners‘
 picture of blood cells under a microscope

Clinical chemistry and urinalysis

  • Tests of various chemicals dissolved in plasma – the liquid part of blood that the cells float in
  •  Glucose (diabetes)
  • ”Good‘and ”bad‘cholesterol
  • Enzymes produced by damaged organ tissue (e.g., during a heart attack)
  • Drug screens and drug levels
  • Pregnancy tests and
  • MANY more
 This picture shows vials in a carousel in a lab.

Point-of-care testing (POCT)

  • Accreditation requires that POCT or ‘near-patient testing‘ be administered by laboratory professionals
  • Our POC staff work hard to ensure that no matter where your lab tests are performed that they are correct
 This image shows a hand held digital display

Frozen sections

  • Mid-surgery processing and examination of tissue removed
 image of magnified tissue