Community Rallying to Strengthen COVID-19 Readiness at Waterloo Region Hospitals

March 26th, 2020

Waterloo Region – The business and philanthropic community in Waterloo Region has quickly mobilized to help Waterloo Region’s hospitals strengthen their preparedness for COVID-19.

St. Mary’s General Hospital, Grand River Hospital and Cambridge Memorial Hospital have been working together for several months on a coordinated strategy that includes assessing and testing individuals for COVID-19 and providing care for those who are diagnosed.

In February, the hospitals were approached by a donor with an investment that allowed them to begin bolstering their stock of vital equipment, including hospital beds, ventilators and oxygen monitors.

“This leading investment was intended to allow us as hospital leaders to free our thinking and focus on coordinating the many areas of our response to COVID-19,” said Lee Fairclough, President of St. Mary’s General Hospital. “Our procurement teams were able to begin acquiring stock, some of which has already arrived.”

Waterloo Region’s technology sector also quickly rallied, offering its talents and tools to enhance the hospitals’ ability to tackle this unprecedented challenge. This includes technology solutions that will help hospitals maintain social distancing, a key tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“Our community is so fortunate to have leaders with a barn-raising mentality and philanthropic spirit,” said Ron Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer of Grand River Hospital. “Their visionary and swift response, coupled with the continuing efforts of our federal, provincial and regional government, will help us care for the sick and save lives.”

Now, the general public is being invited to participate by contributing to a joint fund established by the three hospitals. Details can be found here Contributions will help all three hospitals continue to purchase more of the equipment, beds and supplies they need at this critical time.

“Our caring and compassionate Waterloo Region community has begun reaching out in so many generous ways as we face this new virus,” said Patrick Gaskin, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Memorial Hospital. “We are grateful and inspired to be reassured that we are truly all in this together.”