COVID-19 Outbreak Declared Over on Sixth Floor at St. Mary’s General Hospital

January 7th, 2021

St. Mary’s General Hospital, in consultation with Waterloo Region Public Health, is pleased to declare over today a COVID-19 outbreak on its sixth floor. The outbreak began December 6, 2020 and involved 16 patients and 11 staff.

“This was a prolonged and challenging outbreak and we thank everyone for their diligence in bringing it to an end,” said Leisa Faulkner, Acting Vice President, Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive. “We are thinking about all who have recovered, or are continuing to recover, and we wish them well.”

The sixth floor will continue to care for patients with active and resolved COVID-19 infections. Limited visits by Care Partners, in line with St. Mary’s current Caregiver policy, found here, can now resume. Additional staff have been added to help facilitate phone and virtual visits with inpatients throughout the hospital.

“With COVID-19 cases on the rise in our community we expect to see more admissions of those who are infected,” added Ms. Faulkner. “As infections escalate in the community, the risk of outbreaks increases. We welcome the public’s help to slow transmission in the community so we can avoid outbreaks and preserve as many hospital beds as possible for those with COVID-19 and other ailments.”