Visitors and Care Partners

St. Mary’s General Hospital is expanding access for Care Partners to visit with loved ones while in hospital. To enable the increased visits with patients while reducing potential health risks, St. Mary’s will require proof of vaccination or a medical or legal exemption, along with identification for Care Partners beginning November 9, 2021.

This policy only applies to Care Partners and not patients. Anyone needing care will be treated regardless of their vaccination status.

Through the enhanced protection that this additional measure will provide, St. Mary’s will be able to welcome more Care Partners into the hospital which is a very positive thing for our patients’ overall wellbeing.

How to Become a Care Partner

  • Each patient or individual involved in making medical decisions on their behalf can identify up to five Care Partners of their choosing. (Up to two Care Partners per day, only one at a time.)
  • Please identify the Care Partners and ensure that they are listed in the patient’s record.
  • Care Partners must be able to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or have a medical or legal exemption along with ID to visit or accompany a patient to appointments at St. Mary’s effective November 9.
  • While at St. Mary’s, Care Partners will be required to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and must refrain from eating or drinking while inside the hospital.
  • Care Partners and visitors can stay connected and speak with the care team through virtual visits. Our Patient Experience Team is here to help you.


Care Partners may be provided an exemption by St. Mary’s such as:

  • Providing comfort and care for a patient requiring emergency, critical or end of life care
  • Care Partners accompanying children
  • Anyone with a medical or legal exemption

Supports Available

Virtual visits are an important way to connect with patients while in hospital, safely. St. Mary’s Patient Experience team can help patients remain connected to anyone that cannot visit in person to provide comfort and allow family to meet with the patient’s care team.

Care Partners and visitors provide comfort to patients while in-hospital, but their roles vary greatly. A Care Partner is someone identified as being essential to a patient’s wellbeing providing direction in their care and whose presence enhances and contributes positively to their healing journey. A visitor provides company and well-wishes to patients. While St. Mary’s welcomes Care Partners to the hospital to support patients, visitors are not yet permitted.

Patient Experience

Please let St. Mary’s Patient Experience Team know how we can support you and your family. We are here to help.

519-749-6578 ext. 1184

Do you want to set up a virtual visit?

To ensure you are able to connect with your loved ones, we will be assisting in virtual and phone visits. To set up a virtual visit, please contact our Patient Experience Guide Team directly at 519-744-3311 ext. 1184 or email

Families can also drop off new magazine/crossword puzzles for their loved ones at the screening station in the main lobby of the hospital. Please make a note of the patient name who is to receive the items.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work hard to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please continue to check this page as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

Elevator Safety

For safe use, the following guidelines are in place when using elevators:

  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Maximum of six people in the elevator at a time
  • Maximum of two people with a stretcher patient
  • Spread out as much as possible
  • If elevator is full, please wait for the next one or take the stairs


For questions about our care partner policy, please contact Patient Experience at 519-749-6578, ext. 6867 or by email at