St. Mary’s implementing new digital imaging sharing system

June 15th, 2021

St. Mary’s, together with Grand River Hospital, is implementing a new electronic image sharing system called PocketHealth Patient Sharing. This platform enables us to share imaging records quickly, securely and more efficiently with our patients.

As of June 16, 2021, our patients will be able to access their imaging records and radiology reports from both GRH and SMGH online through PocketHealth.

How does PocketHealth work?

Patient Sharing provides an easy, secure way for our patients to store and share their diagnostic imaging records. Patients can request access to their imaging records online and receive access remotely without making a trip back to pick up a CD.

To enroll, patients can visit and complete the online enrolment form. Once enrolled, patients can view their entire available imaging history from GRH and SMGH, share their records instantly with anyone within their circle of care or even burn their own CD/USB all from their PocketHealth account.

Our team’s role is to simply help inform our patient community that online access is available by providing our patients with a PocketHealth handout.

If patients have any questions about PocketHealth, please direct them to PocketHealth’s Patient Support at 1-855-381-8522 or

Any inquiries from our team about PocketHealth can be directed to PocketHealth Provider Support at 1-855-768-4455 or

How will PocketHealth benefit you?

  • Reducing the time and resources required to burn CD’s for patients.
  • Eliminate unnecessary visits to pick up CD’s by fulfilling external requests for imaging electronically and encouraging patients to enroll for their own online access
  • User friendly patient enrollment process reduces clinic involvement and allows patients to maintain permanent access to their imaging records
  • Patient Support is provided directly by PocketHealth so our team can focus on continuing to provide high quality front line care.

We are encouraging our team to use the PocketHealth platform as the primary form of record release for our patients. We appreciate everyone’s efforts!