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Our Board of Trustees

St. Mary’s is governed by a dedicated group of volunteers from our local community. Our Board welcomes representation from all areas of our multi-cultural community, including members from all faiths. At the same time, they respect our commitment to the Catholic values represented in our Mission. Term of office for Board Members is three years, renewable for a total of three terms.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

For bios of our Trustees please click here

Marion Thomson Howell (Chair) Linda Fabi
Stan Nahrgang (Treasurer) Michael Harris
Nick Anghel Don Kaluzny
Jenny Baker Phil Pfeifer
Janine Barry Stephanie Ratza
Maria DeBoer Tim Rollins
Linda Fabi Jim Stirtzinger


Ex-officio Members
Sherri Ferguson (Interim President and Board Secretary)
Jill Schitka (VP, Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive)
Dr. Angela Good (Medical Staff Association)
Dr. Peter Potts (Chief of Staff)

Board Committee Structure and Responsibilities

Board Policies (2019)

Administrative By-Laws (January 2011)

Meeting Schedule: 2021-2022

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month and are called to order at 4:00 p.m.  At present, meetings are being held virtually.

2020-2021 Meetings

September 30, 2020     Agenda  Minutes
October 28, 2020     Agenda  Minutes
November 25, 2020     Agenda  Minutes
There is no December meeting.

2019-2020 Meetings

September 25, 2019    Agenda    Minutes
October 30, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
November 27, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
There is no December meeting.
January 29, 2020     Agenda     Minutes
February 26, 2020     Agenda     Minutes

2018-2019 Meetings

September 26, 2018    Agenda     Minutes
October 31, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
November 28, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
There is no December meeting.
January 30, 2019    Agenda     Minutes
February 27, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
March 27, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
April 24, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
May 29, 2019     Agenda     Minutes
June 26, 2019     Agenda     Minutes

2017-2018 Meetings

September 27, 2017     Agenda    Minutes
October 25, 2017     Agenda    Minutes
November 29, 2017*     Agenda    Minutes
There is no December meeting.
January 24, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
February 28, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
March 28, 2018      Agenda     Minutes
April 25, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
May 30, 2018     Agenda     Minutes
June 27, 2018     Agenda     Minutes

Attending a Meeting: Guidelines

Public and staff are welcome to observe the open session of St. Mary’s Board meetings. Individuals wishing to attend shall provide 24 hours’ notice to the Board Secretary. The Board may limit the number of attendees if space is insufficient.

Guidelines for Prospective Delegations

Individuals or groups who wish to address the Board of Trustees of St. Mary’s General Hospital are able to do so in an open or closed session, depending on which is appropriate, provided they follow the guidelines outlined below. A written request from a prospective delegation must be presented to the President as Secretary to the Board of Trustees at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the date of the meeting of the Board at which the prospective delegation wishes to make a presentation. The Chair of the Board will review the request and respond to it on behalf of the Board. The written request must include:

  1. The name of the individual(s) or organization seeking status as a delegation;
  2. The name of the spokesperson proposed to speak on behalf of the delegation;
  3. A detailed statement concerning the matter the delegation wishes to address and which:
    • must constitute the basis of the presentation, and
    • must include a detailed report on the executive team member(s) of the Hospital whom the proposed delegation has approached in advance of the current request to meet with the Board;
  4. Any relevant supporting documentation.

Please contact the Board Secretary’s office (see contact information below) for additional information regarding prospective delegations to the Board.

Contact Information

For information about Board meetings and minutes, contact: Carol Lammers, Executive Assistant 519-749-6544 / clammers@smgh.ca.