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Our Board of Trustees

St. Mary’s is governed by a dedicated group of volunteers from our local community. Our Board welcomes representation from all areas of our multi-cultural community, including members from all faiths. At the same time, they respect our commitment to the Catholic values represented in our Mission. Term of office for Board Members is three years, renewable for a total of three terms.

Board of Trustees

For bios of our Trustees please click here

Marion Thomson Howell (Chair) Linda Fabi
Tim Rollins (Vice Chair) Melinda Gorgenyi
Jenny Baker (Treasurer) David McKee
Nick Anghel Stephanie Ratza
Janine Barry Rick Robertson
Greg Brooks Elizabeth Witmer
Maria DeBoer  


Ex-officio Members
Mark Fam (President and Board Secretary)
Brandon Douglas (VP, Patient Services)
Rebecca Stuart (Chief Nursing Executive)
Dr. Angela Good (Medical Staff Association)
Dr. Peter Potts (Chief of Staff)