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Opportunities for post-secondary students
St. Mary’s provides hands-on learning opportunities to students from many disciplines. Please review the following information to learn more about Student Placements at St. Mary’s.

In order to secure a post-secondary student placement at St. Mary’s General Hospital (SMGH) please contact the Academic Coordinator at your educational institution. It is your Academic Coordinator who must request a placement for you at the hospital. Academic Coordinators at all educational institutions that have a standing affiliation agreement with SMGH will have a contact at the hospital through which they can secure a placement for clinical placement. In the case that your Academic Coordinator does not have a contact and/or an affiliation agreement with our hospital, it is important that your Academic Coordinator contact the SMGH Student Placement Coordinator by email at studentplacement@smgh.ca or by phone at 519-749-6578 ext. 6682.

Note: Requests for observation placements and or opportunities to shadow Healthcare professionals outside of the above listed process will not be approved. 

All Students in approved non-paid post-secondary placements are provided access to the SMGH Student Onboarding package. These mandatory documents must be submitted in completion at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of your placement.

This onboarding package will be provided to students via the Academic Placement Coordinator from your educational institute, through the HSP.net Portal (for all Nursing Placements) or directly from the SMGH Student Placement Coordinator.

The hospital has a legal obligation in accordance with the Ontario Public Hospitals Act to ensure that all persons performing regular activities in the facility comply with Communicable Disease Protocols. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the following Immunization record requirements that is to be include with the mandatory onboarding documentation:

  1. a 2-step Tuberculosis Skin Test (a recent chest x-ray is required if the TB skin test is positive);
  2. Proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken Pox vaccination or lab immunity;
  3. Other vaccinations including Tetanus/Diphtheria, Hepatitis B and Influenza are strongly recommended

In addition, all students in an approved placement at SMGH are required to submit a Police/Criminal Records Check in addition to the onboarding documents. To obtain a Police Check you will need to contact the Waterloo Regional Police Department or your local police department. You or your educational facility is responsible for the charge that is associated with this, which is approximately $30.00.

All Students require an ID Badge. This identification must be worn during your placement at SMGH at all times. Once all onboarding documents and requirements are met, Students are placed in contact with the Parking and Security Coordinator so that an SMGH ID Badge can be obtained. A $10 deposit is required for SMGH ID Badges. This is refundable at the end of your placement when the ID Badge is returned to the parking and Security Coordinator.

Parking is available for students in a designated lot at 1077 Queen’s Blvd.

The cost of parking for this lot is $2.50 for each shift you will be working (in addition to a mandatory $10 deposit for a parking card). Alternatively, there is a discounted rate of $30 for 30 days. It is the responsibility of the student to determine in advance, if possible, the number of days they will be at the hospital and provide the Parking and Security Coordinator (parking@smgh.ca) with parking payment (cash only).

Refunds will not be provided. Once payment has been processed, the student will receive a parking card.

Any additional questions about Student Placements should be directed via email to studentplacement@smgh.ca or by phone to 519-749-6578, ext. 6651.