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Chest Unit

St. Mary’s General Hospital is recognized as a Centre for Excellence in Respiratory and Thoracic care.

The Chest and Thoracic Unit opened in response to a community need for specialized respiratory care and services. The unit, located on the 6th floor, provides efficient, high quality care to medical, surgical and palliative inpatients with respiratory illness.

  • An intermediate care area for post operative and/or acutely ill patients with more intensive patient monitoring and clinical interventions not readily available in a general hospital setting. Cardiac monitoring, as well as invasive- and non-invasive mechanical ventilation outside of a critical care setting, are also available.
  • 3 negative pressure isolation rooms for patients with airborne respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis and influenza.
  • Care by a dedicated group of specialists in respiratory disease, including Respirologists, Thoracic Surgeons and Nurse Practitioners. Patients also have access to Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietitians, Pharmacist, Spiritual Care, Social Workers, Community Care Access Case Managers (CCAC), Respiratory Therapists, Speech Language Pathologist, and Registered Nursing staff.
  • Once acute medical treatment is complete, the health care team will work with patients and their families with the preferred goal of returning the patient safely to home with the appropriate supports. The team firmly believes that life changing decisions are better made at home, rather than in hospital during a time of crisis.

Physicians are invited to complete the following processes in order to access specialized Respiratory Services for their patients.

Referral to a Respirologist

  • Urgent consultation (same day) with suspected admission
    Direct patient to St. Mary’s General Hospital Emergency Department
    St. Mary’s General Hospital is supported by 24/7 Respirologist on-call
  • Patient transfer to SMGH’s Chest Unit from a referring acute care hospital
    Call Chest Unit: 519 749 6460 for Respirologist on-call
  • Semi-urgent or elective
    Call Respirologist directly or fax referral to their respective offices.

You can view the Thoracic and Respirology Referral Guide online.

Dr. Matthew Kilmurry
Phone: 519-742-6696
Fax: 519-742-9520

Dr. Koroush Madani
Phone: (519) 742-7424

Dr. Paul Chiasson
Phone: 519-742-6200
Fax: 519-742-9920

For more information related to Hospital Respiratory services contact

Danny Veniott, Program Manager, Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics,
Airway Clinic and Respiratory Therapy
519-749-6578 ext. 1557