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St. Mary’s provides comprehensive diagnostic imaging on an in-patient and out-patient basis. Over 70,000 examinations are performed each year. Our staff is committed to providing patients with a compassionate, caring environment with the latest in technology and innovation in medical imaging.

For your convenience, the Diagnostic Imaging department is located on the first floor of the hospital.

For more information regarding:
Ultrasound, X-ray or BMD exams contact 519-749-6990
CT exams contact 519-749-6635 
MRI exams contact 519-749-4262

*Please note: Urgent matters should not be communicated over email. Please call the Central Booking line.

Referring physicians can find patient referral information here.

The last wave of the pandemic has presented new challenges in the retention and recruitment of registered Technologists and Sonographers. We have reached critical shortage levels which require the reduction of capacity across some outpatient services. 

Patients who are referred for non-urgent imaging will experience extended wait times. We will continue to accept referrals, however appointments may not be provided until 7-14 days of available capacity and supply (i.e. Referrals will be waitlisted and patients contacted 1-2 WEEKS PRIOR to the appointment). 

Current extended wait times are up to 8-10 months for:

  • Non-urgent ultrasounds referrals  (i.e. Screening for hepatoma)
  • Non-urgent (Priority 4) CT referrals (i.e. follow-up ground glass nodule in lung)
  • Non-urgent (Priority 4) MRI referrals (i.e. lumbar back pain).
  • Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) and non-OBSP mammography screening

St. Mary's General Hospital and Grand River Hospital are working together to equalize access across both sites. Where capacity is available, and redirect is appropriate, we will redirect your referral internally to ensure the most timely booking.

What you can do for new referrals:

  • It is imperative that detailed clinical history is provided on the referral as requisitions will be reviewed for priority and appropriateness for use of contrast.  Please indicate if the referral is for known or query malignancy.
  • Refrain from ordering multi-modalities for single indications
  • In this time of critical shortages, we ask that you are diligent in assessing your imaging referrals for true urgency or priority. 
  • We encourage providers to explore alternate facilities offering shorter wait times, if appropriate
  • If your patient’s health condition changes before their scheduled examination, escalate the urgency of the referral by reaching out directly to the department.
  • Continue to send your referrals to your preferred Waterloo Wellington Regional Hospitals


The department offers the following services:

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to image organs and soft tissue structures in the human body. Ultrasound is a safe imaging technology that allows imaging of internal structures without the use of radiation and it is an excellent tool for diagnosing a variety of conditions.

The Sonographers, or Ultrasound Technologists, at St. Mary’s perform a variety of exams, including imaging of the abdomen, pelvis (both gynecological and urological examinations), blood vessels, breasts, thyroids, testicles and general soft tissue studies. The interventional suite also provides space for procedures or biopsies.

At St. Mary’s we do not perform routine obstetrical exams, arterial exams for the upper and lower extremities, renal artery studies, or musculoskeletal scans.

A CT Scan (Computerized Tomography), uses x-rays to provide two- or three-dimensional images of your body. This is different from routine x-ray examinations which produce a flat planar image.

Some scans require the administration of an intravenous contract medium called a “dye”.

Elective X-ray at St. Mary’s operates from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, x-ray services at St. Mary’s are for emergency cases only.

Thanks to a new partnership with PocketHealth, St. Mary’s is pleased to offer digital diagnostic imaging access online. Enrolling in PocketHealth provides you with: 

  • Unlimited imaging record requests
  • Up to four additional profiles to manage all imaging records, all in one place.
  • Lifetime permanent storage for all imaging records.
  • Ability to cancel anytime and continue to access and share your imaging records, from any device, without incurring any additional charges. Plus, with Unlimited you can securely store and share any past imaging from CDs and any health records, including lab results, prescriptions, and vaccine receipts.

To Enroll

Patients can choose too enroll with PocketHealth for a $5.00 fee. This includes permanent access to all previous imaging as well as any new exams patients undergo over the following two weeks from either St. Mary’s or Grand River Hospital. Patients can update their accounts with new imaging records anytime for additional $5.00 fees. PocketHealth has two membership options: Flex ($10/month, cancel anytime) and Unlimited ($49/year).

Once enrolled, you’ll have permanent access to your images and can share them with your primary health-care provider.

Please note: This service is only available for Diagnostic Imaging records. For any imaging done in the Cath Lab or for Echo Studies, patients will still need to get a CD if they want a copy of their images.

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan uses a strong magnet and radio frequency waves combined with a powerful computer system to produce internal scans of the body.

Some scans require the administration of an intravenous contrast medium called “dye”.

To prepare for your MRI exam remove all metallic objects from your body including piercings, dermal piercings and jewellery.

MRI exams can take from 20-60 minutes depending on the exam request.

For more information on our MRI service, please call 519-749-4262.

St. Mary’s General Hospital operates the Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Nuclear Medicine Program, where service is offered out of two locations:

  • St. Mary’s General Hospital (1st floor)
  • Grand River Hospital (2nd floor)

Nuclear Medicine plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nuclear medicine procedures are helpful to a broad range of medical specialties, from pediatrics to cardiology to oncology.

For more information on Nuclear Medicine please click here