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Strategic Plan Refresh 2024-2026

In the Spring of 2021, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Mary’s introduced a new five-year Strategic Plan true to the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph: to support the most vulnerable through the pandemic, while thoughtfully innovating care and building programs and spaces for the need to come.

Now, at the mid-point of this plan and in our 100th year, we celebrate the successes achieved together, shed our priorities related to the pandemic response, and look forward to building the future of care with health, academic, and innovation partners in the community.

St. Mary’s Strategic Plan Refresh 2024-2026 guides our planning, advocacy, and investment of time and resources. The refreshed plan achieves a streamlining of priorities to focus on three main pillars—the care we provide, our people, and our partnerships:

  • Expanding equitable access to high-quality care for today and tomorrow
  • Fostering equity and culture as we build our teams
  • Partnering to advance community health

This work is enabled by a focus on digital, innovation, research, and sustainable funding. Overlaying all our work is our organizational commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment, and a new pledge to environment sustainability.

Our Mission - Living the Legacy:

Compassionate care. Faith. Discovery

Our Vision:

Inspiring Excellence. Healthier Together

Our Values:

Compassion. Respect. Inclusion. Integrity. Collaboration. Innovation

Our Plan:

Strategic Plan Refresh 2024-2026

As our community thrives, we will expand access and maintain exceptional quality and safety across all programs, including elevating our regional Cardiac, Chest and Eye programs, known to be among the country’s best. Embracing the diversity in our region, our goal is to create a safe, empowering healthcare environment for all.

At the core of our hospital beats the dedication of our people. Our commitment centres on cultivating wellness, fostering resilience, promoting inclusion and mutual respect, and empowering skill development within our teams—all driven by a passion for delivering safe and high-quality care.

We strive for a more integrated care experience, uniting with health systems and partners, especially for equity-deserving groups. Embracing innovation, we will go beyond aging infrastructure to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding population. Together, we harness our community's creativity, envisioning care beyond our walls.