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Strategic Plan

St. Mary’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2026: Inspiring Excellence. Healthier Together

St. Mary’s is charting a course for its future with a Strategic Plan for 2021-2026: Inspiring Excellence. Healthier Together.

This roadmap was built through a collective effort in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a short 14-week planning period between waves of COVID-19, St. Mary’s received input from patients, staff, physicians, the community and many partner organizations who share a common goal to move healthcare forward.

Based on the input, we also developed a new Vision, Mission and Values to help ground us. The plan includes five strategic priorities, supported by two enablers.

We invite everyone to join with us at this pivotal time for health care in our region and for St. Mary’s.

Our Mission - Living the Legacy:

Compassionate care. Faith. Discovery

Our Vision:

Inspiring Excellence. Healthier Together

Our Values:

Compassion. Respect. Inclusion. Integrity. Collaboration. Innovation

  • Increase the number of patients served by our regional Cardiac and Chest programs. This is underway with the expansion of our Heart Rhythm program in its final phase.
  • Continue to pursue a third Cath Lab and continue to expand the program across the spectrum of services and beyond our walls.

Continue to build on the partnerships we developed during the pandemic with the Ontario Health Team and other hospitals to ensure patients transition well between settings.

  • Support our current teams in their ongoing learning and development.
  • Increase the number of students who have an opportunity to learn at St. Mary’s across disciplines, including medical residents.
  • Build on the collaboration established during the pandemic with the non-hospital sector.
  • Develop an innovation collaborative with Communitech, McMaster University, University of Waterloo and our hospital partners.
  • Enhance St. Mary’s infrastructure to support healthcare needs in our community.
  • Continue a joint effort between St. Mary’s and Grand River Hospital, currently in its beginning phase, to address the longer-term infrastructure needs of our hospitals through the master planning process.