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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre

If you experience sexual assault or domestic violence in Waterloo Region, there are expert resources available to you at St. Mary’s General Hospital for emergency and follow-up care. Acute services are also provided at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Your security, dignity and privacy during this difficult time is a priority for our skilled and dedicated team of physicians, social workers and nurses, who work only with clients of sexual assault and domestic violence. This team works in partnership with many local resources geared to helping you receive the best care and support during your experience.

The Waterloo Region Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre is a 24/7 on call team of nurses and social workers who respond to the needs of individuals who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence. The team can be accessed through the Emergency Departments at St. Mary’s General Hospital and Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Confidential treatment options will be offered for those accessing the team.

Sexual assault is any unwanted contact of a sexual nature. It includes unwanted kissing, fondling and what we know as rape. If you know that you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been, we can offer you options for you to decide on what you think will be best for you. All of our services are confidential and free of charge, including medications.

Your choices include:

  • Immediate crisis support
  • Police involvement
  • Preventative medications for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and HIV
  • Physical examinations
  • Collection of forensic evidence
  • Counselling

In addition, we have a pediatric clinic for known or suspected child sexual assault/abuse. Please call (519) 749-6994 for information and times for the clinic.

Specially trained pediatric sexual assault nurse examiners and social workers provide assessment and support to child victims of sexual assault and their families. Children are connected to Child Assessment of Sexual Abuse (CASA) through Waterloo Regional Police Service or Family & Children’s Services of Waterloo Region.

Domestic violence is abuse experienced by someone in a current or past intimate relationship. It may be emotional, psychological, financial or physical. If you are in an abusive relationship we can help. We will offer you options to help with your situation. They are at no cost to you.

Your choices include:

  • Immediate crisis support
  • Treatment of injuries
  • Police involvement (if not already involved)
  • Documentation of injuries
  • Safety planning for you and your children
  • Connections to community supports
  • Counselling

Come to the Emergency Department of St. Mary’s General Hospital or Cambridge Memorial Hospital. The team will be contacted to meet with you in private. For any other questions or concerns, or to arrange counselling please call our office at (519) 749-6994. If you are in immediate danger or crisis now, please call 911.

Contact Information
Christine Taylor
Program Manager
519-749-6994 ext. 1370