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SCOPE for Primary Care Providers

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SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience) is a platform that promotes integrated and collaborative work between primary care, hospital services and community health partners to serve patients with complex needs. Through a single point of access, primary care providers are connected with a Nurse Navigator who will assist them with navigating the health care system, both the hospital and community settings, to ensure providers and patients are connected to the appropriate resources in the most timely way possible. By connecting primary care providers to appropriate resources, unnecessary Emergency Department visits and hospital admissions can be avoided. 

You can make a SCOPE referral by phone, email or e-Referral:

  • Phone: 226-972-5025
  • Email: scope@smgh.ca
  • Ocean e-Referral: St. Mary’s KW4 SCOPE Program GRH/SMGH

The SCOPE Nurse Navigator is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Referrals are typically responded to within one hour.

Pathways are used to guide both primary care and the Nurse Navigator to the most appropriate resource depending on the patient’s needs. As new pathways are developed they will be uploaded to this webpage. Pathways do not capture all referral requests so please continue to refer to SCOPE even if you don’t see a pathway that matches your request, the Nurse Navigator can still help connect you with appropriate resources with or without a defined pathway. Existing pathways:

In Ontario, there are roughly 7,800 unaffiliated primary care providers (PCPs) that do not have access to a multidisciplinary team. Often PCPs face difficulty navigating and connecting their patients with complex chronic conditions to the resources they require. Time spent navigating the system means less support to provide direct clinical care and patients wait longer for the resources they need.

What SCOPE Looks Like

Diagram showing how the Nurse Navigator in SCOPE supports patients, primary care providers connecting them to services

SCOPE in Action