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Recognition Programs

Learn more about St. Mary’s recognition programs below.

St. Mary’s was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton in 1923 and opened in October of 1924. Since that time, the hospital’s staff, physicians and volunteers have proudly carried on the legacy of providing care with dignity, compassion and respect – the hallmarks of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

The Mission Legacy Award was created to recognize those who have contributed in an exceptional manner to the health care ministry of the Sisters, St. Mary’s General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health System and/or St. Joseph’s Resource Development System.

Nominations are accepted internally and from members of the community. Nominees can include current and former staff, physicians and volunteers and board of trustee members. Posthumous nominations are also accepted. Nominations, which are accepted every year until the end of January, are considered by a selection committee with an awards presentation held in June. Recipients names and biographies are displayed on a wall in the hospital’s main lobby.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please email info@smgh.ca.

Past Recipients:

Year Recipients
Bruce Antonello
Marie Askin
Dr. Earle Brown*
Phyllis Kehl *
William Motz*
Jessie Reidel
Sr. Paula Schnurr, C.S.J.*
Dr. John (Jack) Sehl
Dr. Clayton Sellers*
Sr. Caroline Strauss, C.S.J.
Frank Voisin
Anne Wein
Father Zinger*
2008 Jim Beingessner
Wayne Coughlin
Theresa Franks
David Graham
Madeleine Haller
Sr. Bonaventure Halloran, C.S.J.*
Jackie Hayes
Col. Hugh Heasley*
Dorothy Jardin
Dianne Lalonde
Dr. Louis Lang*
Sr. Joan McLoughlin, C.S.J.
Rita Mroz
Jim Robertson
Dr. Donna Ward
2009 Sr. Clotilde Dales, C.S.J. *
Anne Hepditch
Sr. Rose Gabriel, C.S.J.
Rev. Edward (Rip) Kirby*
Dr. Brian Kelly
Vera Millar
Lloyd Wright
2010 Dr. D. J. Cameron*
Dr. Vincent Corrigan*
Rebecca Jesso
Dr. Douglas Letson
Sister Roberta McKenna*
Jan Merli
Dr. Claus Rinne
Brian Ruby
Kay Schmidt*
2011 Mrs. Barbara Case
Sister Patricia Hagan *
Mr. Hartman Krug
Dr. Charles R. McCarville *
Mrs. Esther Strub
Sr. St. Thomas Warren *
Vivian Zochowski
2012 Dr. W.J. Armstrong *
Mr. Allan Beaupre
Sister Gabriel Buckley *
Mr. David Copeland
Ms. Brenda Hoyt
Mr. Gordon Mackay *
Mr. Rick Schmitz
2013 Elaine Baldwin
Connie Bender
Louise Garton
Fred Kirvan
Katherine Lang*
Dr. Yves Leclerc
Marilyn Pillon
2014  The Lackner Family
Theresa Monaghan
Walter McGibbon*
Sister Xavier Reding*
Vincent and Anne Scherer*
Faye Scott
Colleen Semple
Bessie Witt*
2015 Rob Donelson
Donna Goss
Janis Heuchert
Rose Lorentz
Thomas McCauley
Bob Robbins
Dr. Richard Upenieks
2016 Terry Boshart
Dr. Nicole Didyk
Dianne Moser
Martha Stauch
Patricia Wright
2017 Cathy Brothers
Dr. Brian Fielder
Christiane Kahlen
Dora Lamers
Mary Ann McKlusky
Clara Schmidt
2018 Gerald LeMoine
Lois Millar
Maxine Neller
Dr. Mike Sehl
Leslie Waitson
Rob Way
2019 Rosemary Corriveau
Norma Davis
Christine Henhoeffer
Deb Kind
Kay Warner

 *indicates posthumous award

The Reverend Rip Kirby Award of Excellence was established in 1995 to recognize the late Reverend Rip Kirby and St. Mary’s employees who demonstrate a commitment to the mission, values and to excellence.

Reverend Rip Kirby served as St. Mary’s Director of Pastoral Care from January 1985 until his sudden death on April 30, 1995. He was a visionary leader whose wise, warm, generous and caring attitude earned him the respect of patients, staff, families and physicians. Through his work he demonstrated his commitment to St. Mary’s mission, values and to the pursuit of excellence.

Do you know someone that demonstrates the Mission & Values of St. Mary’s? Nominations for this award are accepted each month. Any employee, visitor, patient, volunteer or physician can nominate a St. Mary’s employee for this award.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please email info@smgh.ca.

Recent Winners

Year Name Position/Department
2018 Stacey Gallo Nuclear Medicine Technology
2018 Colleen Machado Lab Tech
2018 Lori Schmitz Clinical Aid, 500 Medicine
2017 Katherine Lessard Nurse Practitioner, ED
2017 Gerald LeMoine Manager, Engineering & Housekeeping
2017 Suzanne Oleski RN, Cath Lab
2017 Marion Dunnington RPN, 700 Medicine
2017 Lisa Pell Program Manager, ED
2017 Charleene Fros RN, Integrated Comprehensive Care Program (ICC) Coordinator
2017 Leanne Kuntz Registered Respiratory Therapist
2017 Edin Barucija Lead Hand, Environmental Services
2016 Alisa Peneghel RN, Integrated Comprehensive Care Program (ICC) Coordinator
2016 Rose Anderson RN, Emergency Department
2016 Sharon Rozema Clinical Aide, 700
2016 Debbie Kind, RN, MSICU/CCU  
2016 Angela Moon Registered Respiratory Therapist
2016 Rukhsana Popat Registration Clerk

The Lackner Award for Medical Excellence was created to commemorate, recognize and honour the eighty years of service to the St. Mary’s Mission & Vision by Dr. Harry Lackner, his son Dr. Allister Lackner and grandson Dr. John Lackner.

Who is eligible? The award will be presented to a physician who demonstrates excellence in patient care, innovation, compassion for the individual, and a commitment to the Mission of St. Mary’s and the values of the St. Joseph’s Health System.

Who can nominate? Any physician credentialed with St. Mary’s is eligible for nomination.  A member of the Medical Staff, a member of the St. Mary’s General Hospital staff, a St. Mary’s volunteer, or any member of the general public may nominate a physician for this award.  All nominations will remain confidential. If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please email info@smgh.ca.

How is the recipient selected? Nominations will be considered and approved by the Nominating Committee.  The committee will choose one award winner amongst all nominations. Those nominations that are not chosen will not be carried over to subsequent years.


Year Recipient
2005 Dr. David Waldbillig
2006 Dr. Cassim Moola
2007 Dr. Stuart Smith
2008 Dr. Jonathan Langridge
2009 Dr. Brian Fielder
2010 Dr. Brian Bell and Dr. Anil Nagpal
2011 Dr. Eric Hentschel
2012 Dr. Violet Shadd
2013 Dr. Richard Hutfluss
2014 Dr. Mary Jackson
2015 Dr. Yves Leclerc
2016 Dr. Matthew Kilmurry
2017 Dr. Ron Pace
2018 Dr. Richard Dubeau