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Logo that reads St. Mary's PREVENT Clinic powered by Manulife 

The PREVENT Clinic, powered by Manulife, is a multidisciplinary, risk-factor reduction program for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Focusing on prevention, not events, it operates as part of St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre. 

Located within the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Clinic at The Boardwalk, St. Mary's multidisciplinary team includes nurse practitioners, registered kinesiologists and exercise assistants, registered dietitians, clerical staff, smoking cessation counselling with a respiratory therapist, and social work support.

Who can be referred to the PREVENT Clinic?

A patient must be deemed high or at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, with documented sub-optimally controlled modifiable cardiac risk factors. They may include poorly controlled hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, being a current smoker, having a family history of early-onset coronary disease in a first-degree relative, among others. 

Referrals are sent by completing the PREVENT Clinic Referral Form by a patient’s primary care provider, or, if a patient does not have a primary care provider, by an emergency department physician/nurse practitioner, or hospitalist. 

Can patients self-refer?

Referrals must be made by a primary care provider, emergency department physician/nurse practitioner, or hospitalist. Patients cannot self-refer to the PREVENT Clinic.

What occurs in the initial intake appointment?

A nurse practitioner will provide a clinical assessment and where appropriate, initiate evidence-based, preventative medical therapy such as diabetic management, optimization of blood pressure treatment, and lipid-lowering agents, based on national guidelines. Patients will receive an individualized exercise prescription from our registered kinesiology team and may be offered to join our onsite exercise classes for one month. Patients will also receive guidance on evidenced-based diet modifications, and smoking cessation counselling if needed. If a patient does not have private drug coverage or requires additional testing, referrals to specialist care/investigations will be initiated.

You can make a PREVENT CLINIC referral using the form below or via OCEAN e-Referral:

  • Phone: 226-806-5911
  • Fax: 226-806-5912 
  • Ocean e-Referral: St. Mary’s General Hospital - PREVENT clinic

PREVENT Clinic Referral Form for Healthcare Professionals