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General Information About the SMGH Board for Potential Applicants

The following provides a summary of information about the SMGH Board for individuals contemplating being involved:

Our governance structure consists of a Board and three Board Committees: Quality, Mission & Governance, and Resources, Finance & Audit. These committees are comprised of a mixture of full Board members and other community members. Committees provide a good opportunity for those looking to become oriented to Board governance of a hospital and/or initial experience prior to committing to the full Board. These roles are often seen as opportunity to plan for succession to the full Board.

What is the time commitment required of Board members?

  • SMGH Board meets at minimum 9 times per year. Meetings are usually held on the 4th Wednesday of each month for a 2-3 hour meeting.
  • SMGH Board members are required to participate in, at minimum, one committee of the Board. This is an additional time commitment of 2 hours for between 5-9 additional meetings depending on the committee. Committees provide more in-depth review with management related to key areas of accountability such as finances, risk and quality of care.
  • Materials for Board meetings are provided in advance of the meeting. This includes briefing notes and documents for your review. Board members will be required to plan for 1-2 hours to review these materials in advance of Board meetings.

How do the meetings work?

  • Each committee and the Board have a Chair who lead the discussions through the planned agenda. Members of the management team serve as resources to the committee to present and discuss the material. Key decisions require a motion. Committees recommend motions to the Board and the Board approves these decisions.

How are accountabilities for SMGH established? How is SMGH connected to St. Joseph’s Health System (“SJHS”)?

  • SMGH is a hospital designated under the Public Hospitals Act. This legislation lays out requirements that all hospitals must meet. The SMGH Board is responsible to hold SMGH’s management accountable to these requirements in its work to serve the community.
  • SMGH is part of the SJHS. It has a reporting relationship to the SJHS Board and as a faith-based organization, to the Public Juridic Person, Diocese of Hamilton.

As a new member, how will I be supported in my orientation?

  • All new Board and Committee members are provided with orientation sessions as the start of their term. This involves review of the expectations of Board members, orientation to the programs and work of SMGH, the SMGH strategic plan and mission of the broader SJHS.
  • Board members are also offered mentorship from other members of the Board. We are committed to supporting members to be successful in their roles.
  • The Chair and Vice Chair help to support members with questions they may have. We encourage an open and participative culture in the Board to ensure ideas are brought forward and important discussions include rich discussion given the diverse perspectives on the Board.

What skills is SMGH looking for?

  • Like most Boards, SMGH has a skills matrix that describes the varied skills and perspectives required by Board members. This includes general areas such as finance, legal, governance, clinical care/health system and others specific to the strategic plan and directions of the organization.
  • This year, as we recruit 2 new Board and/or community Committee members, we are looking for a mix of skills.  Experience in clinical/health system, quality and safety, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and/or faith community leadership experience would be of specific interest to us.

If you have any further questions as you are considering applying to the SMGH Board, please reach out to the Office of the President, SMGH, through Carol Lammers via email to clammers@smgh.ca and she will connect you with someone on the Board to discuss your questions further.