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St. Mary’s Mission Legacy Award 2023

St. Mary’s Mission Legacy Award 2023

March 18, 2024

The Mission Legacy Award is the highest honour bestowed to those who have contributed in an exceptional manner to the healthcare ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton.

This year’s recipients were nominated by individuals whose lives were touched and forever impacted through their dedicated service to those we care for and work with.

Greta with Board Chair, Tim Rollins

Greta is a chaplain at St. Mary’s who lives our values, providing spiritual care and support to those we serve and work alongside. She provides inclusive and compassionate care for patients and colleagues, appreciated more than ever throughout the COVID-19 pandemic—some of the most difficult and dark times we have faced. Her warmth and her dedication to our mission and to spreading joy to the lives she touches leave a lasting impact at St. Mary’s.

Greta is known for her daily jokes—something that helped put a smile on her colleagues’ faces during the pandemic which was a difficult thing to do as so many were broken, scared and exhausted beyond words; she still does this to this day. Her presence is a blessing to our teams and our patients and is described by her nominators as someone who embodies the mission to her core going beyond to serve everyone at St. Mary’s.

Dixie with St. Mary's President, Mark Fam

Dixie is a dedicated wound care nurse at St. Mary’s. Her entire 30+ year career has been dedicated to caring for our patients and her passion for our mission comes through in everything she does.  Dixie handles every new challenge with grace, supporting her colleagues and patients who tap into her limitless expertise. Often seeing patients at their most vulnerable, she is committed to doing everything she can to make their lives and their experiences better.

Her nominators are quick to point out that Dixie is foundational to the care provided at St. Mary’s who handles large portfolios with grace—always there to support her colleagues and of course, patients. With her positive attitude and commitment to going out of her way to brighten someone’s day, she is a shining example of what we call “the St. Mary’s Way”.

Lee with Board Chair, Tim Rollins

Lee joined St. Mary’s as President in 2020, only two months before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived—a role she held until 2022. New to the community and the hospital, she bravely stood up to take on a hospital response leadership role, empowering St. Mary’s to live its mission of caring for those most vulnerable, most in need, at the forefront of the unknown. Often first on the ground, St. Mary’s was seen as a face of compassionate care running towards those in need and embodying the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

She became a pillar of the pandemic response in our community leading with genuine compassion, care and concern for the entire St. Mary’s team and those serving in our community beyond our walls. She was cognizant of her role in keeping the public informed, positioning St. Mary's as a trusted and credible source for the most up-to-date information through the pandemic. Lee saw how important it was to keep the community informed during this scary and unsteady period and was a calm, steady voice.

Her nominators describe Lee as an excellent recipient of this important award—embodying the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Leisa with St. Mary's President, Mark Fam

Leisa demonstrated tremendous leadership in both her acting and permanent roles as Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive at St. Mary’s before retiring in 2022. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, she capably led the clinical services team during one of the most challenging periods our health system and hospital has faced. Her courage in the face of very challenging situations was guided by her deep commitment to patients and living the mission of St. Mary’s.

It speaks to someone’s character when they are the one running towards the crisis, putting their own fears aside—but that is what Leisa was known to do. Whether it was stepping into take over management of a local retirement residence during a significant COVID outbreak, or moving swiftly in the night to lead a team that set up a temporary isolation unit and emergency shelter for 120 men who were displaced from a local shelter due to a fire, she was there to lend a hand and lead teams through the unknown.

She is described as having a silent and calming strength that not only was appreciated but relied upon, always being visible and supportive. Leisa’s empathy, integrity and humility are just a few of the strengths that make up the legacy of care that make her very worthy of this award.

Lloyd with St. Mary's President, Mark Fam

Lloyd’s contributions to St. Mary’s span a lifetime. As a former member of the St. Mary’s team for 30 years in the Nuclear Medicine program, he now volunteers weekly as a greeter, investing his time and talents in the lives of the patients we care for. Lloyd’s dedication to St. Mary’s also encompasses his fundraising endeavours, helping to bring the first MRI to the hospital. As a former patient as well, Lloyd knows the hospital on every level and truly lives the mission and values of St. Mary’s.

He is described by his nominator as someone who greets everyone with a smile and is appreciated for his calm demeanour and his respect for all who walk through the doors of our hospital. He is known for being one of our biggest advocators and is most deserving of this award. Lloyd completed a 62-kilometre biathlon to raise $8,200 for St. Mary’s first MRI.To say that St. Mary’s is in his blood would be an understatement.


If you know someone who should be recognized for their outstanding contributions to healthcare please nominate them today!


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